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Program Outline

Get Organized and Get Things Done
Practical Time Management for Lawyers

Are you carrying a heavy case load,  completing work at the last minute, plagued by constant interruptions, inundated with information, drowning in paper, overloaded by e-mail, handling  too much of the work load by yourself, or spending too much time at the office? In short, do you seem to have too much to do and not enough time?

This fast-paced and entertaining seminar provides practical and effective skills and techniques for managing your time, projects, information, paper, e-mail and staff.  Learn how to take control of your workload, manage your busy schedule, focus on your priorities, meet your deadlines with less stress and make your workday more productive.

Planning Your Workload & Determining Your Priorities

Focus is the Key to Productivity – How to Overcome Time Traps & Time Wasters

Managing Paper & Documents and Overcoming E-mail Overload 

Effective Communications in the Law Office

Develop Your Personal Action Plan